Pitch like a Pro: Elevator Pitch Workshop Series

By Gary J2 Co-Owner / Creative Industries & Youth Advocate

In preparation for the upcoming IC Pitch for Investment Event at the Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre, Junction2 is hosting a series of FREE "Elevator Pitch" workshops. With leading entrepreneurs and seasoned pitchers joining us, take advantage of this great opportunity. Fine-tune your pitch for potential investors. Spaces are limited so register today.

 Wed 24, May, 2017

 04:00 PM


Junction 2, supported by Innovate Noosa, are hosting a series of workshops over the next few weeks in preparation for the 2017 IC Pitch for Investment at the end of May. Bring your idea along to validate it and fine tune your pitch presentation for potential investors or new clients.

The best video and pitch from the workshop will have the opportunity to present their idea in front of a room full of investors with the Noosa Local Investor's Breakfast hosted by Noosa Council. You'll also go in the running to present your pitch at one of the largest pitch competitions in Queensland at the Innovation Centre on the Sunshine Coast.

If you've had an idea sitting around for a while, this is the time to make something out of it.

Who knows? Could you be the next big thing to come out of Noosa?

Register today


Saturday, 13th May @ Junction 2#1 Workshop Series: Validating your idea




Speaker: Validating your idea with Jerry Reynolds

Jerry R Reynolds, visiting entrepreneur from the US, has had more than his fair share of pitches. Part of the Hot DesQ and current founder of Toured Co he's be walking you through how you validate your idea. Then he'll be showing you step by step, how to validate your idea closing off with tips on ... validating your idea. As you can see it's an important topic.


Workshop: Create a Pitch Deck

Work one of one with guest entrepreneurs to plan and create your pitch deck.




Speaker: How to tell a Story with Matt Inglis 

Having an idea is one thing, but telling us a story about that idea and bringing the good ol' emotional heart strings? Well, that sounds like a job for local Matt Inglis. With a career spanning 20 years in Australian Film and TV, Matt will be walking through how to create a story.


Workshop: Create a Storyboard

Work with local Film and TV experts to create your storyboard and start planning your video presentation.


Workshop: Record a Video Interview

Get a short video interview recorded to use as part of your pitch video.




Tuesday 16th May @ Junction 2 Workshop Series #2: Preparing your Pitch Video




Pitch Video Presentations


Speaker: How to edit a Rockstar Pitch Video

Bill Missett, a recent Noosa local, has worked across the globe and provides valuable insight to production and post-production for film and visual media. 


Workshop: Fine Tuning your Video Presentation




Monday 22nd, May 2017 Closing Date for IT Investment Pitch Submissions


Wednesday 24th, May 2017Workshop Series #3: Preparing your Pitch Deck




Speaker: How you sell the risk with Erez Saf

Erez has spent a large portion of his life asking for things. So he's gotten pretty good at getting his way. Our favourite Israeli, has a BSC in computer science and bioinformatics holds an honour MBA, specialised in AI, Machine learning, and Fintech. For the past two years, Erez leads CRiskCo, a Fintech/Insuretech startup using AI to help SMB's improve there cash flow and qualified for trade credit insurance.


Case Study: Danny Simmonds, Founder of Buddy.world

Local Entrepreneur Danny Simmonds, after 5 years running a restaurant threw himself into the startup world by creating an app for the hospitality industry. Danny will share his experience knocking on doors from the back of a camper van


Workshop: Getting the Pitch Right

Put the final touches on your pitch with one-on-one session from guest pitchers.





Monday, 29th May: "Noosa Pitches" & Investor Networking Night @ TBC 


On Monday night we host the final night of our workshop series to present the videos' created over the past few weeks to a room of local investors and entrepreneurs. This Open networking event will be a great opportunity to meet some of Noosa's finest innovators.

A panel of judges will pick their top 3 favourite videos to present their final pitch.

The winning video and pitch will be presented with the opportunity to pitch their idea to the local investor's breakfast hosted by Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Marc Sowerby.

Tuesday, 30th May 2017: Noosa Local Investors Breakfast (Invite Only)


IC Pitch for Investment Event @ The Lakehouse, Sunshine Coast (Invite Only)