2019 Junction 2 Coworking Survey Results are in!

By Gary J2 Co-Owner / Creative Industries & Youth Advocate

The results are in! And survey says ... Noosa is the place to get your coworking on. Noosa offers a balance of work & lifestyle where more people are making the move to Noosa to take advantage of the coworking movement in the heart of Noosa Junction.

With the conclusion of Junction 2’s annual member coworking survey, it is clear that coworking is becoming more popular in Noosa than ever before, with coworkers now spanning wider range of industries and working models. Results show that J2 members are happier working in a coworking environment compared to at home, a cafe or holiday accommodation, with Noosa Junction taking center stage for this progression.

The Junction 2 expansion towards the end of 2018 saw membership double and over the holiday season, more than 20% of coworkers were from Melbourne or Sydney who just wanted to get some work done during their stay in Noosa.  With a big uptake in holidaymakers combining work and play into their journey.

Over 30 members took the survey and the 2019 results saw an increase in members working remotely from large organisations, with 30% of members working for an organisation with over $5M in gross revenue. Junction 2 members collectively generate nearly $10M in gross revenue.

Coworking continues to be a ‘workstyle’ choice but is less commonly regarded as a low cost alternative (to traditional fixed office space). Benefits cited by members range from a simple need for a space removed from distractions of the home environment, to a strategic decision to leverage the networking opportunities inherent to coworking spaces.

Coworker families are now the largest cohort, with over 50% of members having a family with young children, most of whom attend the same local schools and kindergarten. The support role this plays for young families has played a huge influence in promoting a healthy work balance lifestyle.

Nearly half of new members have already worked from another coworking space, a significant increase from 2 years ago.


Women are now a common sight in the space with a nearly 40% of seats taken in the last 12 months. This has been a welcomed shift compared so our single co-founder Carly (the only female coworker in 2014) putting up with the boys nonsense.


Nearly all members live within a 5-minute drive of the coworking space, not unexpectedly one of the major reasons why they choose Junction 2 as it’s located in the heart of Noosa Junction.

Industries represented are evenly spread across all sectors, in contradiction to the common misconception that coworking spaces are tailored to digital and marketing businesses, now only representing just 30% of seats.

Membership from the financial services sector is growing as is the Architectural & Design Industry.

The biggest factor for working from a coworking space was still internet connectivity (surprise surprise). Lifestyle, friendships and productivity followed and overwhelming, collaboration, with over 80% of members stating that they either had or wanted to collaborate on a project with their coworkers.

This year, Junction 2 Coworking will be focusing on providing more services and spaces for our members to get their work done. We’re trialling a new podcasting studio this year and planning expansion of our offering to include more team working spaces.

Now in its fifth year, Junction 2 continues to provide a relaxed yet professional space to support the productivity and good vibes of our diverse mix of members.