Assess your business capacity with Noosa's Venture Playbook and help create a more sustainable local economy

By Gary Swanepoel Front-End Web Developer

Junction 2 and Innovate Noosa launches Noosa' first digital tool to define capacity in a regional area. The Playbook offers a set of tools to support individuals and organisations who want to improve their ability to start, scale and grow an innovative venture in Noosa. The aim is to help businesses understand, assess and strengthen key capabilities that will help foster success.

Noosa region is one of Australia’s most desirable places to live, work and visit. It attracts new residents from the major capital cities throughout Australia, many who come to Noosa to build opportunities in business.

However, with an ageing population and continued reliance on tourism, the region faces some economic challenges. The economy is heavily geared towards retail, accommodation and food industries. It also has a lower full-time employment rate and median household income than other regional areas, which contributes to the potential for the region to be increasingly vulnerable to economic instability.

A core strategy in Noosa Shire Council’s Economic Plan 2016 for securing the region’s future is to support a more resilient and diverse local economy that promotes the development of new, high-value industries and skilled employment opportunities that complement the region’s core social and environmental values.

With many self-starting and self-employed people living in the Noosa region, as well as many small businesses, there’s a substantial community of individuals and businesses who would benefit from increased capacity to innovate and grow and to understand and connect with what’s available in the region to support them to innovate.

Visit the website to take part in the Venture Playbook.