Google SEO Updates for March - What you can do

By Gary Swanepoel Front-End Web Developer

March was a volatile month for Google's Panda algorithm updates as it move to a context driving crawling. Checking your analytics reporting to see if you were impacted by the updates is the first step as we list some things you can do up improve your search engine optimisation for your site.

There was a few dates we saw significant movement, starting early March and ending towards the end. Looking at your analytics reporting to see if you were impacted by the updates is the first step.

If you did notice any significant movement try some of our recommendations. 

  • Identify the queries and primary landing pages.  This will give a better understanding of user searches and how your content is matching their intent. If a page dropped don’t cut it content-wise. Just review and revise your keyword strategy. The flip-side is new pages that weren’t ranking that now are
  • Running a Panda report in Google Analytics is always a good idea when an algorithm update rolls through. It allows you to view the top landing pages that moved after the update. You can often find glaring problems (ad issues, quality of content,  usability issues, etc).  In other words, which pages were rewarded, why, and how can you replicate that?
  • Google's Search Console (GSC) is your friend. You can compare dates in to see which queries and landing pages saw movement based on the algorithm update, but remember there is only 90 days of data so you have to act quickly to get accurate results.
  • If you saw negative impact in March, then make sure you look at the situation and take action. If you can improve content that isn’t performing then do it! If you can’t and the content isn’t worth keeping then perform a 404 redirect to a page that is. DON'T just sit and wait. There’s a likely hood the traffic will get worse over time.