Create Noosa Presents:Immerse 2017

By Gary J2 Co-Owner / Creative Industries & Youth Advocate

Join over a hundred of the Sunshine Coast's talented creatives at Immerse 2017 and discover new mediums for story telling using Virtual & Augmented reality.

 Sat 11, November, 2017 2017-11-11T09:00:00 2017-11-11T11:00:00 Australia/Brisbane Create Noosa Presents:Immerse 2017 Join over a hundred of the Sunshine Coast's talented creatives at Immerse 2017 and discover new mediums for story telling using Virtual & Augmented reality. St Andrew's Anglican College,Peregian Springs,QLD,4573 Gary

 09:00 AM

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Immerse 2017 will be an inspiring day for artists to learn about Immersive Storytelling and try out Virtual and Augmented Reality for themselves. Create Noosa have curated a range of World Class Presenters and lots of Hands-on Demo's / Expo, for artists to learn from and try out.

Join us in gathering Noosa's diverse artists & creatives - including visual artists, sculptors, digital artists, animators, illustrators, performing artists, photographers, creatives in film/video and music.

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Meet the Speakers


Sutu is an illustrator, interactive designer and writer and one of the world's leading exponents of Immersive art. Sutu explores the new generation of VR art tools and how he is using a them to create his ground-breaking paintings, illustrations, comics and exhibitions.

Dr Sarah Jane Pell

Dr Sarah Jane Pell is an Australia Council Fellow in Emerging and Experimental Arts.  Sarah will share with us her experience of using virtual and mixed reality in live performance and the creative possibilities now enabled by this technology.

Dr Leah Barclay

Dr. Leah Barclay is a sound artist and researcher working at the intersection of art, science and technology. She specialises in spatial audio for immersive installations and performances and leads research in augmented reality at Griffith University. Leah will speak about a decade of explorations in locative audio and introduce the future possibilities of 3D sound in immersive storytelling.

Jaymis Loveday

Whether it's hacking together autonomous robotic cameras or light-painting drones, Jaymis' is recognised as an artist who is probing the end zones of the VR possibility space. Jaymis will bring us up to speed on the state of the art for how Immersive technologies like virtual and mixed reality can be used in visual and performance art & media to tell stories in totally new ways.

Priscilla Harris

Priscilla is head of Virtual Reality for HTC Australia/New Zealand where she focuses on educating, inspiring and creating awareness of Virtual Reality and how this can change and enhance how we do things in the future. Priscilla will tell us about the growth of VR as a medium and where she sees opportunities for artists to create new experiences.

Katryna Starks

Katryna is a lecturer and researcher at the University of The Sunshine Coast, teaching Australia's first and only Bachelor of Serious Games Design program. Katryna will help attendees understand the potential for narrative development in Immersive Storytelling and the skills development pathways available to artists and creatives.

Karen Sanders

With 20 years of experience as a technical specialist in the construction industry, Karen co-founded Real Serious Games, assisting large infrastructure and training providers to build confidence in the delivery of major projects through Virtual Reality education and training facilities. Karen will tell us about the demand coming from enterprises for Immersive simulations and the kinds of storytelling skills that Real Serious Games and others are hiring for in the industry.

Dr Deb Polson

For over 20 years Deb Polson has been collaborating with scientists and artists to create hybrid worlds that allow audiences to play and experiment with future scenarios. Deb will gives advice to creatives and artists about the learning pathways they can follow to develop the skills required to build Immersive Storytelling into their practice.

Charles Henden

Charles Henden has been a software engineer and lead programmer in the entertainment industry for over ten years contributing to a diverse range of video game titles from movie licensed party games, through AAA franchise shooters and next gen sports simulations. Charles will tell us how storytellers can blend the disciples of film, game development, live performance and animation to create new immersive art forms.

Darren Vukasinovic

Darren is the creative force behind Melbourne VR film studio Ignition Immersive. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in filmmaking and tech-driven startups, he is perfectly positioned for the convergence of filmmaking and technology that VR presents. Darren will tell us how Australia has the chance to be a leader in Immersive Storytelling and how artists can tap into that opportunity.