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Membership Terms


Billing Period
​the period of one month for which rent is charged in advance.
Commencement Date
the first day of occupancy.
a dedicated work desk intended for permanent member occupancy.
Expiry Date
the final day of occupancy.
Junction2 Pty Ltd (also referred to as Junction 2 Coworking or J2)
the authorised occupant of a dedicated work desk or casual user of J2 facilities.
the building, equipment, services and facilities provided at Level 1 (Suites 5 - 7) / 24 Lanyana Way, Noosa Heads Q 4567.


Use of Premises

Permitted use is limited to the Member’s business regular operational activities unless expressly stated as an exception in writing by the Lessor. Hosting social events, illegal trading or other unlawful activity, subletting and the retail or auction of goods is not permitted.

Junction 2 Coworking reserves the right to utilise the premises to host workshops, social events, handball tournaments and movie marathons, and will provide a minimum of 3 days notice of such events. As a Member, you have an automatic invitation to these events.

Use of the Premises, including services and facilities provided, cannot be extended to immediate family members, girlfriends / boyfriends and mates, except when the purpose is directly related to the regular operational activities of the Member’s business, i.e. a business meeting, or as detailed in Item 9 of this agreement.

The Premises are available to permanent members 24 hours - the conditions as stated above apply regardless of time of day. We’ll know if you’re being dodgy.


The following facilities and services are provided to all Members in return for payment of Rent, subject to the conditions outlined in Item 5:

  • Kitchenette
  • Meeting room
  • Shared toilets
  • NBN broadband
  • Power & utilities
  • Security systems
  • Climate control (windows, heating & AC)
  • Dedicated Desk (F/T memberships)
  • Shared MFD (within plan inclusions)
  • Kitchen consumables
  • Printing consumables (within plan inclusions)
  • Waste management
  • Basic first aid

Additional services and/or facilities may be provided at the sole discretion of Junction 2 Coworking. Anything not listed as an inclusion should be considered an exclusion, such as off-street parking, stationery supplies, tissues and donuts.

Special events for Members may be catered for by Junction 2 Coworking, including entertainment and refreshments. Where events hosted at the Premises require a ‘cover charge’ to be paid by Members, advance notice will be provided.

Professional & Personal Conduct

It is expected of all Members to behave in a manner that their granny would approve of. Any Member found to be persistently behaving like a wally towards other Members, e.g. racism, sexism, chauvinism or ethnocentrism, will be asked to find somewhere else to work.

Members should refrain from disturbing or aggressive behaviour such as the use of extreme expletives, desk-thumping, door-slamming, wall-punching or yelling (other than in delight or excitement, but within reasonable volume levels and timespan).

A Member may raise a complaint via the Community Manager or a Director of J2, verbally or in writing, if they feel the conduct of another Member is offensive or disturbing, or in any way makes the complainant uncomfortable while at the Premises. All reported complaints will be treated with due respect and details of the complaint will only be shared with a Director or legal counsel for J2 if required to reach a resolution.

Liability for incidents occurring between Members outside of the Premises, i.e. social situations, from which a complaint arises is not the responsibility of J2 however all reasonable aid will be provided to both parties in order to resolve a complaint.

In relation to the Premises, Members must not:

A. intentionally damage the Premises B. alter the Premises or facilities provided C. do anything that may invalidate the Lessor’s insurance D. display signage within the Premises without prior approval from the Lessor E. deface floors, walls, ceilings or other parts of the Premises F. use or install any product that is likely to cause damage to the Premises G. conduct or participate in any illegal activity such as use of illicit drugs

It is strongly recommended that members maintain an adequate level of personal care in the interest of supporting an enjoyable work space for all, e.g deodorant.


Each Member is responsible for maintaining adequate insurance for their equipment and business operations. Junction 2 does not provide cover for equipment or belongings left on the Premises, other than in the case of fire, flood or natural disaster.

Regardless of the best efforts of J2 Directors and staff to ensure the security of the Premises – security cameras are installed and contracted after hours security checks are completed nightly – Junction 2 Coworking cannot be held liable for theft, loss or damage of any personal belongings, equipment or intellectual property left at the Premises.

Shared Facilities

Junction 2 Coworking provides the following shared facilities for equal and fair use (unless otherwise specified in membership plan terms) by all Members:

  • Kitchenette; including fridge(s), dishwasher, microwave, sandwich press, tea & coffee facilities, utensils, cutlery & crockery
  • Meeting Room; including six-seat meeting table, conference phone, whiteboards and TV display
  • Breakout Area, for individual casual use, informal group discussions and workshopping
  • Eating Area, for dining and workshopping

All Members are expected to treat shared facilities with respect, that is, ensure they are left tidy, clean and accessible when required. While J2 is a serviced office, no-one at Junction 2 is or will be employed to clean up after messy individuals.

The condition of shared facilities will be monitored by the Community Manager. Each shared area is available to be booked for exclusive use for no more than two hours at a time, unless exceptionally approved in writing by the Community Manager.

It is also understood that any items, including consumables, provided within shared facilities are not to be removed from the Premises. Furthermore, Members are expected to exercise reasonable and fair use of shared consumables, i.e. don’t be a hog, avoid wasting printer consumables.

If a Member and/or other individual(s) hosted by a Member accessing and utilising shared facilities on the Premises repeatedly and wilfully disregards the above mentioned terms of use, the Member will receive a friendly reminder of these terms in writing. Further persistent breaches may be determined as cause for the Member to be asked to find somewhere else to work.

Last Month’s Rent

All joining and rejoining members must pay an amount equivalent to two month’s rent (or one month plus prorated first month) to secure a full-time permanent desk at Junction 2. This amount is non-refundable and is used to cover your first and last month’s rent.

The equivalent of one month’s rent is held by J2 to cover your last month of membership. As this amount is non-refundable it is important that the member provide adequate notice of their intention to end their membership at J2. A minimum of 30 calendar days is required as outlined below.

Notice Periods

In the event a Member decides to cease leasing services from J2, a minimum notice period of ​30​ calendar days is required. Rent must continue to be paid in advance up to the last billing period. The final billing period will be covered by the amount paid on joining.

In order to allow a new Member to move in, all items belonging to the departing Member should be removed from the Premises on the Expiry Date or no later than 2 business days following the Expiry Date.

If for any reason the last month’s rent amount has not been paid by a member on joining, rent must continue to be paid in advance up to and including the member’s final day. If notice is provided less than 30 days from the member’s intended last day of attendance at J2, J2 reserves the right to invoice the member the equivalent of 30 days rent based on their membership plan pro rata rate.

The Lessor reserves the right to increase Rent rates at any time. Any Rent increase will be communicated in writing a minimum of 42 calendar days (6 weeks) prior to the increase taking effect.

In the event of any other unforeseen disturbance or inconvenience that may impact access to the Premises or reasonable operation of the Member’s regular business, the Lessor agrees to give as much advance notice as possible. Where the Member’s regular operational activities are adversely impacted for 24 hours or more, the Lessor agrees to deduct an amount pro rata from the Member’s next Rent invoice equivalent to the amount of time operational activities are affected.

Rent Payment

Each Member must pay Rent:

  • by equal monthly instalments in advance, at the beginning of each billing period, generally being the 1st of each month.
  • the first payment must be made on or before the Commencement Date.
  • if necessary, the first and last instalments may be apportioned on a daily basis (pro rata).

Memberships may be put on hold, with the following restrictions applying:

  1. Members are allowed one hold period per 6 months of membership (based on start date), up to a maximum of two hold periods per calendar year. ​We do not allow memberships to be put on hold during the Christmas/New Years billing period from December 14 to January 13.
  2. A minimum hold duration of 30 consecutive calendar days and maximum hold duration of 60 consecutive calendar days is allowed per hold period.
  3. Monthly membership fees will continue to be charged at a reduced rate-30% of the usual monthly rate for the member’s plan.
  4. Two weeks notice is required to request a membership hold.
  5. Your desk will remain reserved during the hold period. Any other services or inclusions are not accrued or credited during this time.

Rent Arrears

Rent payments not received by the Lessor more than three (3) business days beyond the payment due date will be considered overdue, and subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Member will receive notification in by email of the Overdue Rent payment amount. A further three (3) business days is then allowed for receipt of payment.
  2. If Rent payment in full is not received within six (6) business days following the payment due date, a late payment fee of $6 will be charged.
  3. If Rent payment in full is not received within 14 calendar days (two weeks) of the payment due date the Member will not be permitted to utilise a Desk or services and facilities until full payment in lieu, in addition to the late payment fee, is received.
  4. Unresolved overdue Rent payment will be referred to legal counsel.


Payment of Rent entitles the Member to use of the Desk(s), services and facilities as stated in Item 1. In addition, a Member may seek to timeshare the Desk with another Member, i.e. part-time occupancy. It is the sole responsibility of the Members to negotiate this arrangement. Payment of Rent in one full payment, per the conditions outlined in Item 7, is required.

Special Terms

10% off your first month of membership: offer valid to new Resident members who join before 31 August, 2024. Discount is applied to your first membership invoice.


Hot desk and dedicated desk membership options available

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Day pass bookings for visitors

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